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Bluetech s.r.o. - a traditional manufacturer of belt conveyors and technologies

We have been a traditional manufacturer of belt conveyors and related technologies. Belt conveyors are intended for transport of almost any bulk or piece material, from minimum quantities and sizes to dozens tons and hours-long operation. We make the conveyors on a custom basis, pursuant to specific requirements of our clients. We also provide consulting services and professional support.

Post-harvest conveyors – ask for NEW catalogue and product sheets

Angular receiving conveyor PLD B, spiral dirt remover, roller sorting machine, stationary product supply bin, automatic bag filling machine PV-P, convertible conveyor DUO, receiving conveyor PD1 and PD1L, automatic palette filling machine PP30, scale supply bin with floating conveyor, grading screen TBS 80, high-capacity extension with conveyor, palette discharger, angular receiving conveyor PLD BM.

What conveyors can we offer you?

Our offer covers open range of standard conveyors such as home conveyor, belt conveyor, L-shaped conveyor, Z-shaped conveyor, roller conveyor, chain conveyor, bunker conveyor. We supply conveyors for sorting technologies, sorting lines, waste sorting facilities, post-harvest lines, and other industrial or environmental applications. We also offer conveyor belts (various methods of bonding - all works can be done directly in the customer´s place), rollers, driving units, etc.

We also offer various accessories for conveyors, based on customer requirements.

We provide complete service to our clines: from designing and manufacturing to transport, assembly and servicing. We can also negotiate special terms and conditions of financing your projects.

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