Light LR

LR chain conveyors are manufactured in the following designs:

  • Straight
  • L-shaped
  • Z-shaped, with two bends and a gooseneck…
  • To be installed on the floor
  • To be installed in a pit
  • Mobile
  • Rubber belts with one or more inner plies and in standard or oil-resistant design

Also other devices can be added:

  • A frequency conveyor
  • STOP buttons, rope switches, and a horizontal bar
  • Automatic auxiliary chain lubrication
  • Speed monitoring
  • A stainless section for placing a magnetic separator
  • Discharging hoppers and receiving hoppers for connecting with other devices


Light LR lehke_lr_01 Light LR lehke_lr_05 Light LR lehke_lr_09 Light LR lehke_lr_13
Light LR lehke_lr_02 Light LR lehke_lr_06 Light LR lehke_lr_10 Light LR lehke_lr_14
Light LR lehke_lr_03 Light LR lehke_lr_07 Light LR lehke_lr_11 Light LR lehke_lr_15
Light LR lehke_lr_04 Light LR lehke_lr_08 Light LR lehke_lr_12 Light LR lehke_lr_16

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