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Bluetech s.r.o. is a traditional manufacturer of belt conveyors and belt conveyor technologies. Belt conveyors are intended for the conveyance of almost any loose or piece material from minimum quantities and sizes up to an output of dozens of tons per hour. We manufacture conveyors to order according to individual needs of our customers. Consultations and technical assistance are a common place for us, as well as high-quality manufacture, installation, and subsequent service of equipment delivered.

Our brand Bluetech is associated not only with piece belt conveyors, but also with lines for sorting separated waste, for manufacturing ATP, and for sorting metal scrap, glass, textile, and various other commodities.

For agricultural product growers, processors, and suppliers, we offer complete lines for the post-harvest treatment of root vegetables, potatoes, onions, cabbage, and the like, including the conveyance of grain, corn, and similar crops…

We are able to connect various machines and equipment, manufacturing equipment, stores and handling equipment, crushers, presses, loaders, boilers, tanks, silos, production lines… We will be pleased to help you with the conveyance of wood chips, pellets, straw, and other combustible commodities. We have many years of experience with conveyors for waste water treatment plants, including the removal of filter press residues…

Our conveyors convey sand, concrete, mixtures, feed, chips, waste, crops, bolts, mouldings, toothpicks, glass, paper, plastic, textiles, crushed and pressed waste, wood chips, wood, tires, substrates, clay, steel and building materials, suitcases, boxes, bags, sacks.

Bluetech Ltd. carries out its activities in compliance with the quality standards EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001; EN ISO 3834-2. Bluetech has large certificate of qualification for designing, production, installation, service and welding activities in the field of steel constructions.

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Bluetech s.r.o.

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