Bluetech s.r.o. – a conveyor factory – offers its capacity also to other suppliers of various technologies which are not directly in our production programme. These are mainly various types of steel structures, platforms, stands…
We also manufacture special “special-purpose” conveyors for various production lines according to the customer’s workshop documentation. Of course, data and intellectual property protection is of the top level in our company. Therefore, our regular customers are also companies from the automotive industry, manufacturers of lines for various types of plates and special filtration units, and the like. These orders are managed in a special mode of production.
ISO 9000 and 14000 certificates and a Great Welding Certificate for steel structures are a matter of course in our company.

Bluetech s.r.o.

Žižkova 596,
39501 Pacov, CZ

+420 565 413 111
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