TDS separated waste final sorting lines

The basic classification of final sorting lines which we offer:

  • An ultra mini line for the smallest operations. Conveyors are on the undercarriage and are easy to move on the hall floor.
  • A mini line, where the receiving conveyor is sunken under the floor level for easy filling with material.
  • A line with a platform, without a cabin.
  • Complete technologies for separated waste sorting with a sorting cabin.

The basic equipment of final sorting lines which we offer:

  • Receiving chain conveyor
  • Sorting conveyor
  • Sorting cabin on the platform
  • Racked sorted waste boxes
  • Sliding bottom sorted waste boxes
  • Collecting conveyors
  • Discharge conveyors for other fractions
  • Press filling chain conveyor

Sorting lines can be also equipped with:

  • Rotary separator
  • Magnetic separator
  • Presses of various brands and sizes
  • Crushers of various brands and sizes
  • Containers
  • Other equipment as required by the operator

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