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Bluetech s.r.o. – CONVEYOR FACTORY – is a modern engineering company in its field which continuously invests in new technologies and adopts innovative manufacturing trends. The best way how to see it is to visit us, you are cordially invited. If you have any question about engineering equipment or our manufacturing capabilities, we will be pleased to specify everything for you.


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Manufacture vyroba_01 Manufacture vyroba_05 Manufacture vyroba_09 Manufacture vyroba_13 Manufacture vyroba_17 Manufacture vyroba_21 Manufacture vyroba_25 Manufacture vyroba_29
Manufacture vyroba_02 Manufacture vyroba_06 Manufacture vyroba_10 Manufacture vyroba_14 Manufacture vyroba_18 Manufacture vyroba_22 Manufacture vyroba_26 Manufacture vyroba_30
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Bluetech s.r.o.

Žižkova 596
395 01 Pacov
Czech Republic
IČ: 49062557, DIČ: CZ49062557

  • Phone+420 565 413 111
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