Lines for various types of raw material, piece products, products, and goods

Belt conveyors are always made to measure and tailored to the needs of the operation. We have more than 40 types of “open” designs of conveyor sections available, with a length of approx. 2 to 100 m. These machines can convey virtually any loose or piece material. Conveyors can be fitted with belts of several types made of various materials (rubber, PVC, PU…) and supplemented with scrapers, receiving hoppers, discharging hoppers, platforms, carriages, electrical and safety features, and the like. The standard surface finish is PU varnish (70 µm is standard, but can be up to 320 µm), or also epoxy varnish. Also a galvanized surface finish can be ensured or the black sheet can be replaced with stainless sheet.

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